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Episode 15 - Truth and Tranquility (Silent Hill 2 pt 2)

This game does a great job of using music as symbolism.

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Episode 13 - Coming Home (Bastion pt 4)

Mother, I'm Here and Setting Sail, Coming Home really are two of the best songs on this entire soundtrack, despite (or perhaps, because of) their limited instrumentation.


Tracklist for this episode:

Mother, I'm Here (Zulf's Theme)
Pale Watchers
Bottom Feeders
From Wharf to Wilds
Setting Sail, Coming Home

Episode 10 - Composer Vs Song Writer (Bastion pt1)

Welcome back to a brand new game for Arcade Beat! Today we're covering one of the most celebrated indie games of the last 5 years: Bastion. With its unique visual style and storytelling, it makes the perfect game to jump into a more modern look at video game music.

Tracklist for this episode:

Get Used to It
A Proper Story
In Case of Trouble
Bynn the Breaker
The Sole Regret