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Episode 15 - Truth and Tranquility (Silent Hill 2 pt 2)

This game does a great job of using music as symbolism.

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Episode 10 - Composer Vs Song Writer (Bastion pt1)

Welcome back to a brand new game for Arcade Beat! Today we're covering one of the most celebrated indie games of the last 5 years: Bastion. With its unique visual style and storytelling, it makes the perfect game to jump into a more modern look at video game music.

Tracklist for this episode:

Get Used to It
A Proper Story
In Case of Trouble
Bynn the Breaker
The Sole Regret

Episode 08 - Defining a Series (Final Fantasy 4 pt1)


It's time to kick off our discussion on Final Fantasy 4! This game was incredibly influential for the RPG genre as a whole. It helped shape the future of the Final Fantasy series, not just from a gameplay perspective, but from an sound perspective as well.


Red Wings
Theme of Love
FF XII Main Theme
Main Theme
Fight 1
Into the Darkness
Fight 2